The unique signature of a place and its people – Cuisine – tells us about a culture, people and lifestyles like no other! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the very popular cuisine across the globe – Indian Food – is rich, diverse, colorful and so full of love! Indian Cuisine has picked the best from various cultures and traditions that are embedded deep in the hearts of its people.

Canberra is the melting pot of cultures in the Australian continent and boasts of a large Diplomat community, as diverse as its resident population. Known for their preference to flavours, colours and textures, Canberrans love Indian food which is as vibrant as the city! Capturing the vibe of Canberra, Jewel of India constantly strives to offer the best of Indian cuisine to its patrons. ‘The Jewel’ as fondly addressed to, innovates constantly to create a perfect balance between authentic dishes and novel preparations to exhibit the various flavoursome facets of Indian Cuisine to the representatives of the world here in Canberra.

Inspired by the kitchens of the maharajas and nizams, Indian food is undeniably delicious and it is no surprise that it wins the coveted crown in the hearts of food connoisseurs across the world! Our highly skilled artisans – our chefs – create art in the kitchen of The Jewel! Dishing out delectable dishes inspired by the diversity of India, we bring to you an amalgamation of flavours that are rich, colourful and blend with you in perfect harmony.

It would be no less to say that our elaborate menu, mouth-watering dishes, fresh ingredients and our passion to serve you true love has made Jewel of India ‘The Jewel’ of Manuka and a name synonymous with Indian Cuisine across Canberra!

Visit us for an extraordinary epicurean journey through India with your loved ones today!




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