Goa on your plate!

They say, a culture is defined by its food. So it no surprise that a cuisine that

takes birth among the sun-kissed beaches and beautiful tropical shores brings

with it, the perfect way to celebrate life! Yes – this is an ode to the very

popular and an all-time favorite – Goan cuisine!

The jewel in the crown of India’s western coast, Goa enjoys a beautiful tropical

climate all year round and the sparkling sunny soul of the state reflects in its

food preparations. Just like Goa, its food is all about soothing, revitalizing and

nourishing the senses and bringing about perfect balance of body and mind

from within.

The Portuguese brought with them chili peppers, potatoes, tomatoes,

pineapples, guavas, and cashews to Goa. The locals incorporated these exotic

ingredients with the local produce of rice, coconut, spices and seafood to

create unique recipes that went on to become the distinct Goan cuisine.

Though the names like Sorpotel, Xacuti, Vindaloo, Cafreal, Rechado or Bebinca

might sound twisted to the tongue, Goan food is as sorted as the life of its

people – modest, carefree, easy-going and revolving around the sun-n- sands.

Feel like taking the next flight out? An alluring thought alright! But visiting the

most desired destination in India may not be possible every time. So at Jewel,

our ‘fairy Godmother’ chefs charm you with their ‘magic wand’ spatulas,

bringing Goa to your table instead! Dig into their absolute staple – the Goan

fish curry, made just like the Goan homes. Delicate and flaky fillets of fish or fresh prawns

simmer in a flavorful, mildly spiced curry of tomato, onions and spices that gets

its tanginess from the tamarind and the heat from the chili peppers. Mixed

with steaming hot rice, this combination is an instant transfer to the tranquil

beaches of Goa – where heavens lie at your feet!

Plan your mini beach vacation today! Call us for reservations!

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