Introducing … Safed Maas!

Though Rajasthan is all about its rustic nature, vibrant colours and fiery food, it has a warm, tender heart under all that rough exterior – just like its warriors! So it is no surprise that the Rajput kitchens that are well-known for their generous use of red chillies in their preparations, love their creamy gravies just as much! The lavish use of cashews, almonds, cream and yogurts creates decadent recipes that balance the heat of the chillies and soothe the palate!

While hunting down some of the best recipes from Rajasthan, the chefs of Jewel found a gem in the folds of history and went on to create their unique version in our kitchens to bring out the faint side of the Rajputs – just for you!

Jewel of India proudly presents to you – Safed maas! A traditional dish of the Rajputs, safed maas literally translates to ‘white meat’ and interestingly, tastes best with robust red meats like goat, hare or even a wild boar hunted down during a game!

In the kitchens of Jewel, slow-cooked goat meat simmers in the juices of onions, ginger, garlic, cashews, almonds, cream, whole spices, poppy seeds and yoghurt and reaches a heavenly creaminess that can only be experienced when indulged into. The nutty aromas of generously added cashews and almonds, with the heady fragrance of cardamom in a silky creamy gravy, brings out the hearty texture of the meat and pairs perfectly with the naans, fresh from the ovens. A subtle use of spices gives the dish its distinct flavour without the heat and gently relaxes the senses making it a perfect dish for the summers!

So, as the days become warmer and the sun shines brighter, come and indulge in this chef-d’oeuvre and welcome summer the royal way!

(Recipe contains nuts and dairy products)

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