From the land of desert, food, and art…

If Rajasthan has to be summed up in a few words, they would have to be desert, food and art! Literally, the land of the kings, Rajasthan is the Jewel on the shining crown of India’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Known for its colourful cities, people and food, set boldly against a contrast of barren desert sand, Rajasthan has an equally bold history – of bravery and bloodshed – and amidst all that – a history of glorious art!

Evolved and flourished in the royal courts of the Rajputana kingdoms, Rajasthani paintings are the face of India’s art heritage in the world gallery. These paintings depict many themes, ranging from epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata or the historical battles of the Rajput heroes. From walls and ceilings of palaces, forts, inner chambers, temples to clothing and decor – artistic expressions adorn Rajasthan in every walk of life. Extracted from mineral sources, plants, shells, sand, precious stones and metals like gold and silver, the colours were all natural and the artists sometimes required many weeks to painstakingly complete a painting.

Like their art, their food is derived from the soil and pairs perfectly with the dry arid conditions of the land. Slow cooked in the flavours of the soil, the Rajasthani food is just as worthy of its wait as their artwork! The blazing soul of the vast desert of the Thar reincarnates itself into the very fiery spice – the Mathania Mirchi or the local spicy red chilli. Growing from the soil that was fortified with the blood of the brave warriors, this blazing red chilli stands tall against the scorching sun, shining bright – reflecting the feisty and unwavering nature of the sons who laid their lives protecting the land.

A lot of Rajasthani and Indian cooking sees a liberal use of these flavorful chillies that also lend their beautiful and distinct colour to the dishes they grace. Today, these chillies are in demand around the globe for their unmistakable magical effect on food and are exported to various countries.

At Jewel, we offer our patrons a complete Indian dining experience – and it is not only through our authentic food preparations! The intricate Jaipur paintings adorning the walls of The Jewel give a glimpse into the heart of India through the expert brush strokes of history. As you choose from our carefully selected menu, feel free to ask for a splash of ‘red’ on your meal! If you feel like setting your taste buds on fire and experiencing India in all its glory – our chefs with gladly oblige!

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