Queen Of Indian Desserts

In this era of the selfie obsession, a kulfi, or a ‘coolfie’ maybe a ‘cool selfie’ to some, but only an avid foodie will know that even a selfie won’t garner you as much ‘likes’ on social media as a picture of a creamy kulfi! Oh! And that creamy coolfie won’t pile as many calories on you as the ice cream too! So relax and dig in!
Derived from the Persian term for ‘covered cup’, the Kulfi is the queen of all Indian desserts has a dedicated place in the tummies of dessert lovers. Said to have originated in the 16th century Mughal Empire in India, kulfi is the zenith of any Indian meal. Prepared traditionally in large vats, the milk is stirred continuously on a low flame till it reduces to half its original quantity. It is then flavored with natural flavoring agents like cardamom, saffron, rose, pistachios, nutmeg, and mango, with an added dose of thickened cream and set in metal moulds in a mixture of ice and salt in earthenware pots or matkas. These ‘matkas’ are where the sweetened thickened milk magically transforms itself into a dense, frozen cone of heavenly goodness, and having one is never enough! Usually served on a piece of banana leaf, with a generous sprinkle of nuts, the kulfi is a classic example of the Indian hospitality and how even the street-food is as elaborate and rich as the once-kingly kitchens!
Getting its distinct color, flavor, and texture from the caramelization of lactose in the milk, the kulfi is not a churned unlike ice cream, and hence goes into the same family as the custard – and a strong rival to the popular ice cream! Food lovers have experimented with various exotic flavors in kulfi and apple, strawberry, lychee, coffee and even avocado kulfis are popping up. However, the traditional delicate flavors remain a favorite.
At The Jewel, we spoil you for choice! Select from our nutty pistachio, delicate rose or a royal mango kulfi to perfectly wind-up to your Indian meal experience in Canberra. Made with finest quality milk and spices, our kulfis undergo age-old techniques of cooking, to bring you the most authentic Indian dining experience in Australia!
Call us for a table reservation for a full dining experience, or drop in for a sweet indulgence – after all, a balanced diet is – having a kulfi in each hand!

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