Think Celebrations. Think Jewel.


 “Laughter is the brightest, where food is the best” – Irish proverb

Whether it is the first birthday of your little one, a lavish wedding in the family, a corporate event, a festive gala dinner or a fun no-reason bash for friends, all parties revolve around food – great food! Folks across the world have been known to review the success of an event on the scale of food – taste, presentation, variety and quality – and almost all occasions are remembered through the memories that are lovingly served on their plates.

So are you thinking that being a guest at a party is fun, while hosting one is like being the target of a gun? Not anymore! Hosting parties can, in fact, be a satisfying and enjoyable experience, especially when you have the perfect aide by your side – the caterer! An experienced and well-equipped caterer is like a genie in a bottle. Make a wish and see him create the culinary magic that will swoon your guests.

Now simply bring out that best gown, put on your make-up, and do up your long nails! Because gone are the days of toiling in the kitchen and serving the guests yourself. With world-class catering services from The Jewel of India, you are the host and the guest of your very own event!

Jewel of India can cater to large groups, with great efficiency. Our able chefs dish out the perfect party platters and popular dishes that are unique in flavors and looks. Served elegantly by presentable servers, the food is freshly prepared taking care to minimize waste and maximizing the dining experience of your guests. Whether you are planning a graduation party for your lad, a small thanksgiving gathering, a big fat wedding or a formal farewell dinner for your foreign delegates at work, we know just the right menu to make all your events extra-special. We can host your event at our restaurant or bring the glory of our restaurant to your chosen venue!

Best food, brightest laughter too … perfect catering – that’s Jewel for you!

Planning an event? Call us today for menu planning and catering services.

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