Say ‘Cheese’

Though officially Paneer is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer
cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice, or vinegar, to a
typical Indian, Paneer is Religion!

There may be many favorite ingredients that go into Indian cooking, but paneer has a place of its own. When the chemical reaction between acids and milk proteins
happens in the kitchen, another chemical reaction happens – inside the
tummy! Juices flow faster, the stomach expands more than usual and the hungry little monsters inside grumble so loud, your neighbor could

This popular non-melting cheese can be cubed, grated, sliced or
grilled whole and can be added to various preparations such as
curries, soups, stuffed bread, sandwiches, rolls and more, making it
the most versatile ingredient in Indian Cuisine. From spicy curries to
a range of simple to exotic desserts, paneer rules the roost. A mild,
milky flavor, dense crumbly texture, and the lovely snow-white color
accentuate the spice and heat of typical Indian curries, making
perfectly balanced dishes that go well with bread and rice. A rich
source of protein and calcium, paneer becomes the choice of most
meat-free, vegetarian meals in India, especially in the north.

At Jewel of India, we express our gratitude and love towards paneer
through the many delightful paneer preparations that leave our kitchen

Milky white, silky soft, fresh paneer cubes in a sea of green
spinach ‘saag’ commonly known as ‘Palak Paneer’ and pillowy naans are a match made in heaven at The Jewel. The star ingredient in our koftas, luscious tikkas, creamy tomato curries and even biryanis, paneer can be called as the DNA of Jewel without any exaggeration!

Call us for a table reservation or order our special tandoori paneer
tikkas, kadai paneer, shahi paneer or palak paneer and our choice of breads for a fulfilling meal…and say ‘Cheese’!

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