The Chetti’nod for finger-licking food!

Food reflects the culture that people are from –    Nicolasa Chavez (Curator at New World Foods)

Going by Nicolasa Chavez’s words, Chettinad cuisine would be the perfect example of food reflecting the culture that the Chettiars are from! This community of rich traders, bankers and land-owners loves its food equally rich! In South India they say you are lucky if you eat like a Chettiar – because it means even an everyday meal is a treat! The word ‘Chettinad’ comes from ‘chetty’, a caste of various trading communities across the southern parts of India, and ‘nadu’ meaning region. ‘Chetty’ also derives from the Sanskrit word, Shreshti, meaning wealth and it is seen in abundance in their food! An average main-course may run up to several dozen dishes served elegantly on banana leaves, making Chettinad a satisfying, soulful and much sought-after cuisine.

These merchants brought back with them a variety of spices which are now an integral part of their cooking. Having some of the spiciest and flavorful dishes in Indian cuisines, Chettinad food is relished for its smoky, spicy and full-bodied flavors. The subtle use of aromatic spices like star anise, stone-flower and curry leaves, with the bold heat from liberally used black pepper make Chettinad-style curries heady and lip-smacking.

Being a dry region of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, Chettinad cuisine sees a variety of dried and cured meats and vegetables in their preparations, though fresh ingredients are used as available. Chicken, lamb and seafood are prominently used meats although the vegetarian version is equally delightful.

Jewel of India pampers its patrons in Canberra through its signature Chettinad Curry! The popular southern star of Indian Cuisine, the Chettinad Curry at Jewel of India is prepared by our chefs using authentic spices blended over grinding stones. Fresh ingredients bring the dishes to perfection, suiting the international palate without compromising on taste. Book a table today and indulge in our Chettinad style curry prepared with your choice of meat and even vegetables or cottage cheese, paired perfectly with delicate Indian rice or breads. As the aromas of curry leaves and peppers fill your senses, feel yourself transported to Chettinadu – the spice paradise!!

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  1. Kumar Gopalan says:

    Excellent. Well Done. Kumar Gopalan, Brisbane


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