A burst of earthy Carom’a!

A little bit of Sandra in the sun … A little bit of Mary all night long

A little bit of Jessica here I am … A little bit of you makes me your man …. Mambo No. 5!!

Carom seeds, Bishop’s weed or ‘Ajwain’ as Indians know them better, are undoubtedly the Mambo No. 5 of the spice rack! A little bit of fragrance like the thyme … a little bit of earthiness like the cumin … the pungency of oregano by the side … and a little bit of anise after-notes make Ajwain your man!

It is this music of spicy, sharp and earthy notes on the tongue that take Ajwain from the ordinary to extraordinary, placing it among the top spices of choice in the Indian cuisine. A distinctly unique spice, this prince of the parsley family picks the best traits from its fellow spices and combines them into a delectable, enticing flavour.

Indian cuisine is known for its refined usage of spices to deck up various dishes. Most spices carry nutritional and medicinal properties and are paired since ancient times with foods, to maximise the nutritional value of the food, while enhancing their epicurean appeal. Ajwain helps reduce flatulence and aids in digestion, which is why most recipes requiring frying, lentils and heavy-on-the-tummy ingredients include Ajwain to help one eat without worrying about the after-effects! Like thyme, Ajwain contains the essential oil – thymol. However, where thyme smells ornate and sweet, Ajwain leans towards oregano in pungency and brings out the perfect contrast in vegetables, beans and lentils and enriches their flavours, boldly and beautifully.

At Jewel of India, our chefs use Ajwain in many savory recipes. From fritters and tempura to curries and stir-fries, Ajwain-flavored dishes are not only popular among our patrons, but also healthy, flavorful and light on the palate. One such popular dish is our splendid ‘Nizami Handi’. A Jewel specialty, The Nizami Handi is a medley of exotic vegetables like eggplant, broccoli, mushrooms and peas,tossed in fenugreek leaves and tempered lightly with the delicate Ajwain. The aromas deftly twirl all the way from the kitchen to your table announcing the arrival of your majestic main-course that pairs perfectly with all Indian breads and rice. Tempted?!


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