Happiness is … Butter Chicken!

Whoever said ‘experimenting in the kitchen is happiness’ was so right! It was because someone happily experimented with some food somewhere many years ago that we reap the delights of their toil today!

Legend says that the dish synonymous to Indian Cuisine to the world – The Butter Chicken – was in fact an experiment that worked oh! So well!! There was once a chef named Simon Mahli Chahal, in charge of making a lavish meal for the ruler of Mareelun. Left with only half a tandoori chicken, when the other supplies did not arrive, he tossed it liberally with butter, tomatoes and a mix of spices to create a dish for the royal guest at Moti Mahal Restaurant in northern India! The dish went on to become so popular that today it is the face of Indian Cuisine across the world. With its rich aromas, hint of spices and lip-smacking accompaniment to rice and breads alike, it suits the palate of one and all.

At Jewel of India, Butter Chicken and its gorgeous cousin – the Chicken Tikka Masala are one of the most frequently ordered dishes. Subtly spiced and slow-cooked over golden embers of the tandoor, the smoky and succulent chicken chunks fall right into the glowing red gravy of tangy tomatoes and cream. Paired with pearly basmati rice straight from the valleys of the Himalayas or pillowy soft wheat flatbread (the tandoori roti) – the butter chicken makes it to the top meal choices in Australia – and rest of the world!

We take pride in creating a masterpiece of the butter chicken for you in our kitchen using the freshest ingredients and the most aromatic spices to bring India on the plate for you. Best enjoyed hot-off-the-stove in our impeccably styled dining hall, the humble butter chicken beckons one and all. Grab your share today and we assure you, you will be coming back for more … and more!

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  1. steve bailey says:

    My partner and I are vegetarian so please only send us enticing photos of vegetarian dishes.


    1. Hi Steve, Thanks for taking the time to respond. Do ask for Paneer Butter Masala the next time you visit Jewel, its very similar to the Butter Chicken but a vegetarian counterpart 🙂
      We will soon follow with vegetarian posts too!


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